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Citreon xsara picasso keyfob

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My friend as purchased one of these and the remote keyfob buttons was missing

got a replacement fob cover to change over to,but the fob micro switches seem to be broken,

Can anybody fit these need soldering on,small and fiddly.

picture in post of micro switches,i take it these are the ones the are for the buttons you press to central lock,



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Not sure about soldering but in the past when I've quickly needed a key blank I've found Peugeot / Citroen dealers to be very reasonable for just the housing. Its when its needed to be cut and coded that the cost shoots up. Otherwise just buy from Ebay.


Just make sure when you swap the innards to keep an eye out for the transponder chip if your car uses one. Its a tiny little block that's not connected to the circuit board.


If you're messing with the battery on the key's circuit board, you may need to re-sync it to the car. Instructions can be found in the drivers handbooks, available here:



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