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Parkway delays tonight

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Think summats happened on Spital Hill


Something had happened on Spital Hill; I noticed an ambulance was parked on the wrong side off the road, just up from the tesco.


I don't know what the incident was though; traffic hadn't moved for several minutes so I did a U turn and headed home via another route.

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And the old routes which had four lanes travelling from West Bar to the Parkway were either obliterated by the Derek Dooley two lane stop and go road or turned into a bus gate.

Derek Dooley Way is no improvement on what we had before a two lane road replacing three other roads that had a total four lanes in places in either direction.

Ladies and gentlemen i give you Sheffield City Council planning featuring Mr Leigh Bramall and co.

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Never miss a probably completely unrelated opportunity to have a go at some vaguely related hobbyhorse - A problem on Spital Hill causing tailbacks to Mosborough Parkway is tenuous at best, probably more likely to be a series of unrelated issues that all contributed to slightly heavier traffic in the peak than usual.

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