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Amey roadworks s6

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Hi forumers,

We had notification last week and signs along my street stating from Monday 6th July roadworks would be carried out and there would be no parking between 7am and 7pm failure to do so and vehicles would be towed away??

I have not seen a single employee from Amey in the area does anyone know why the work has stopped and when the inconveinece will be ended the area is around Findon Street?



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Have you tried ringing the phone number thats listed on the signs??


They'll probably tell you it's weather related problems.

(It's too nice out and all the workers have gone to the pub????)

Tarmac takes a lot longer to set in hot weather... FACT! :hihi:

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There were 2 or 3 false starts ( saying they would start work and cars needed to be removed ) with them not turning up. As it happened, it wasn't a problem for me as we have a drive and are off early in the morning, but I reckon it would be annoying for those without a drive.


However, when they finally got round to starting they were efficient, and helpful on odd occasions when my wife needed to get back to our house during the day.

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