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Meadowhead School Teachers

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I attended Meadowhead School from 2001 to 2006, and would be interested to know how many (if any) of the teachers from my time there are still teaching there. Anybody know what these are up to these days? Or are you one of them??


Mr Affleck (History - he was also my Form Teacher)

Mr Ali (Technology)

Mr Church (Spanish/French)

Mr Morgan (PE)

Mr Hepplestone (English - I seem to recall he left Meadowhead around 2004?)

Mr McKeown (English)

Mr Stockdale (IT)

Mr Barrett (History / Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Ford (Technology)

Mr Hill (PE)

Mr Stephenson (Maths)

Mr Jones (Maths)

Mr Wilson (Maths)

Mr Steele (Science)

Mr Smith (He was mostly a cover teacher)

Mr Podbury (Geography - think he might have emigrated to France?)

Ms Ali (Technology)

Ms Harper (Geography)

Ms Aitken (English)

Ms Milton (English)

Ms Maynard (French?)

Ms May (RS)

Ms Deeks (Science)

Ms Ames (Science)

Ms Richardson (Maths - think she may have retired around 2004?)

Ms Dunbar (PE)

Ms Oldham (History)

Ms Benham (Maths)

Ms Pollard (Drama)

Ms Reynolds (Drama)

Ms Newman (Music)

Ms Jones (Music)

Ms Knight (Music)

Mrs Baker (Russian - used to be Ms Wigglesworth)

Ms Renshaw (German)



Can anyone remember any others from that time? Hope they're all well anyway

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