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Recovery back beyond new OS?


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I see. Thank you lookleft. I'll have to reinstall Vista.


It's your choice. But I am curious why you would want vista back over windows7. Is your new OS missing some features, or are do ou just feel comfortable with what you are used to?

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Hi guys. I don't prefer Vista over 7 but I have symptoms of registry problems, so far as I can see, and I wondered whether I could cure them by recovering the Vista to a date prior to installing the 7. I installed the 7 on Sunday 5th of July and must have brought the registry problem across into 7 at the time. That's my first guess, anyway. What can you tell me? 3 free download scans told me that there are identical, multiple entries in the register and someone told me that to fix it I'd have to go into the register. I know this is dangerous for someone inexperienced like me so I'm stuck..... Later that week.....I tried three registry cleaner so called free downloads, you know the rest...and then found CCleaner free. And it really was free and it did clean up the registry. I can't believe my luck!

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