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Sheffield Forum Cinema Club?

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Is there a cinema club on the Sheffield Forum – i.e. a group who meet up on a regular basis to watch films at the Showroom, Cineworld etc? I did see this idea mooted a while back on one of the sticky threads, but don’t think anything came of it?


If there isn’t an existing club, would there an appetite for setting one up?

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Hm last post within that thread was Feb 2016. Maybe someone can post something on the thread to " wake it up"


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The Sheffield university student union runs their film club and they are on Facebook.. called Film Unit . They show the films a couple of months after release date but it's about £3 to see it ..

Or Broomhall centre monthly ish Cinema club is showing Moonlight. Sunday 21 May . Pay on the door £3 Broomspring Lane S10 2FD


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Doors opens 7 pm // Film starts 7.30 pm

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