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BT broadband problem

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Hi all. I've just posted this in the hope someone could give me some advice please. I have bt infinity 1 / fibre. This was set up with the home hub 4 and white modem. This morning I couldn't get any internet. The home hub 4 was flashing orange. I've tried powering it down, restarting and resetting it. This still didn't work. The power light and lan1 light are green on the white modem but no DSL light. As I had a spare home hub 5 I tried this but the DSL light on the white modem still isn't there (the DSL cable is connected from the master socket to the white modem) and the home hub 5 is still flashing orange. I had an open fault which was closed today due to inactivity as I had to contact by on Monday evening due to disconnections and low speeds which I thought was sorted by changing the wireless frequencies etc on the home hub. I checked to see if there were any problem in my area (0114). It said on the service status there were no issues. I contacted bt this morning and it took 5 attempts to log it. The tech support advisors apparently didn't have access to the correct tools to log it or they would hang up when I explained the reason for my call. After doing a line check I was informed it was a network issue. I then had a call back asking to do some checks with the cables in master sockets etc. I was then informed it was due to some work going off in the attercliffe area of Sheffield. Bt are meant to be calling me back tomorrow between 2-4 with an update but I was wondering could anyone advise if I could do something at my end to get it back up and running as I'm not holding out much hope to be told one thing, then another and then be told even though it's saying everything should be fine with the broadband when I do the line test on the website that it's a problem with an exchange that's about 4 mile from my house that I'm not even on. Thanks in advance.

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I believe the Home Hub 5 you should connect directly to the master socket, it doesn't need the white modem as its built-in. This way you will be able to see if the white modem is actually faulty.


The only other thing is to remove the faceplate off the BT socket and try using a DIFFERENT filter than before into the test socket.


AFAIK an exchange fault shouldn't stop you getting a solid DSL light anyway, as that is merely the connection to your local cabinet.

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Test it with HH5 connected directly to socket, if this still fails then you probably have line fault (could be the DSLAM)


Once line working continue to use the modem as known issues with HH5 that can cause you connection issues and drop speed. It also means you can configure and reboot HH5 without losing sync to cabinet.

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