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Gas cylinders. Not needed

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As far as I am aware you can just take it to a place like Towsure or anywhere else that fills them. When you got it you paid a bond on it, you should technically get that back although I am not sure on the paperwork etc.

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It depends what brand it is. I drove one all round Sheff once - to the tip first (NO), then Towsure (NO, NOT THAT TYPE). It's back in the shed.


You have to find a firm that deals in the brand that your bottle is. Ring them up first.

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The cylinders usually legally belong to the manufacturer/ gas filling company. 'Disposable' helium cylinders for balloons are an exception to this.


You can't usually get your deposit back without the paperwork but they will accept them back free of charge, sometimes they will even collect.


Scrap man can't take them in scrap as they could cause an accident if they are still pressurised. They can't scrap them as neither of you legally own the cylinder.


Google the manufacturer and return the bottle of ask on Freegle/Freecyle. We lots our paperwork so gave our bottle to someone else who did a part exchange for a re flled bottle. Ours was a Calor bottle.


Gas cylinders are quite expensive to dispose of if you need disposal.



Look at this link to help identify the 'owner', how to return and contact details etc.


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I've disposed of gas cylinders before by building a bonfire around them. They 'dispose' pretty sharpish though (in both senses of the word), so it's as well to take some precautionary measures against the ensuing conflagration. Hiding behind a strategically placed skip works pretty well, myself only receiving minor shrapnel wounds in the process.

After that, the cylinder is not recognizable as such, and the bits can safely be disposed of in the aforementioned skip without fear of the PC brigade getting all hot and flustered whilst pushing their noses into things that are of no concern to themselves. This investigation being conducted somewhat later in the relative security of daylight.


I hasten to add that this was quite a few years ago, on an old farm, in the middle of Cambridgeshire, where a friend of mine had a classic car restoration company ... we used to dispose of quite a lot of volatile materials in this manner, including 25litre drums of used cellulose thinner and aerosol cans. Great fun! :P

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