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Travestry Boxing Decision At Magna!!

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Last night Saturday 4th July I watched one of the best boxing matches I have witnessed in ages,it was between Nav Mansouri{the champion}vs challenger Sam Sheedy!.It was action all the 10 rounds Sheedy winning at least 7 with 1 drawn 2 to Mansouri,how Mansouri kept on his feet was a miracle due to his fitness and condition!.Sheedy hit him at will outscoring Mansouri 3 to 1 at least making him look slow and clumsy,it was action all the way the crowd going mad really enjoying it!.At the final bell both fighters were both exhausted but embraced as good friends!.So it was a shame the occasion was spoiled by the verdict from the judges who gave it to Mansouri on a split decision,the look on Mansouris face said it all he couldn,t believe it and no could anyone else!.Magna should look into it for it was either incompetence or maybe something dodgy it was that blatant,it spoiled a good fight leaving a nasty taste in the mouth!.:rant::suspect::roll:

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I am not blaming Magna no way it was the ringside useless judges to blame,all I said was they ought to look into it or instigate an enquiry!.It was a very bad result,they must have been watching another fight or they want their eyes testing!.

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BTW it's travesty

Ok I can,t spell but I can count scoring in boxing means hitting your opponent more clean scoring blows then you win,thats what happened Saturday night,Sheedy won by a country mile!.


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Did you have a few too many to drink by any chance? It was the right decision if you understand anything about boxing scoring

You should go to Specsavers pal,straight away!:huh:

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