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Sheffield United Community Initative's free cereal disappointment

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It was a laudable idea, I thought. We can be sure kids get proper meals at school because of free school dinners. But what about over the summer holidays?

So this week I received a letter from school saying SU's Community Foundation had thought of this, and offered families four free 500g boxes of cereal if they turned up to the football ground's car park bearing the letter between 9.30-3.30. I don't know if it went out to all schools or all families.


I feared they might run out, but looking at those times, and considering they must have done some small amount of maths regarding number of schools, pupils, etc, and stipulated a four box limit, I had some hope they'd have enough to go round, ish.


I also liked to think that if people could easily afford to buy their own, they'd stay away out of some sense of decency and humanity.


When we got there, admittedly at 2pm, it was all over. And there I would have left it, disappointed, but so it goes.

Then a very angry woman collared me and showed me pictures a friend had taken earlier of people filling their car boots with boxes and boxes of cereal, 25-50 boxes, by the looks of it.


Really, people of Sheffield?

Really, SU Comm Foundation?

Really, distributors? Was it just too hot to be faffed sitting out there helping people out for a few hours?


The man in charge of the truck said people were stocking up to take it back to schools for the parents who couldn't get there.

If that's the case, can we organise it better next year?

My school never mentioned the possibility that some would be delivered to the school by parents. It won't be, but it's a good idea. I spoke to some parents who'd had a hard time getting there only to be turned away. Apparently no-one told them other parents would be taking some to school for them, either. I don't believe it will be. I'm afraid it's going to appear in car boot sales and pubs near you soon. While some kids are going to go without.


I'm going to let the organisers know how wrong it appeared to go today, with a small number of people high-jacking all the cereal. Like I said, it's a nice idea, and I hope they do it again next year, but there are some kinks to be ironed out.


As for the people who turned up and filled their boots for their own gain at the expense of other children, I wish this post would make you feel shame, but I guess you're already beyond that.


Alternatively, if I've got this all wrong, boost my opinion of humanity and let me know it's all okay, really. I'd like to think better of my fellow Sheffielders.

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Do we really live in a world were folks need free cereal for the school holidays? Or is it a case of "owt for nowt". Back on topic sounds to me like a case of them trying to do a good thing and people taking advantage. The limit should have been enforced.


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Ps Aldi cereal is dirt cheap if people are desperate.

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I for one am glad Wednesday aren't doing this, it's not a football clubs priority to be feeding these children.


If you're that desperate for a free box of frosties maybe you should stop supporting a wildlife charity and go and buy your kids some food. Just an idea.

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I found it quite laughable. Our kids at Limpsfield came home with letters offering 4 free boxes of cereal if we could collect from Bramhall Lane on the 4th July between 9.30 and 3.30

The laughable part being that a lot of Limpsfield kids live on dead ends off of Jenkin Road.

I.E Sandstone Rd/Forthill Rd and Jenkin was closed today between the hours of 9.30 and 3.30 :hihi: :hihi:

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