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Train tracks for photo shoot?

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The old Woodhead line is now only partially in use, the rails end at the steel mill in Stocksbridge but are easily accessible along the route.


There's a steel train that runs to Stocksbridge once or twice a day (perhaps even not during the weekend)

You'd be pretty unlucky to get hit by it.


There's not many people out there to hassle you for being on the lines either.

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I wonder who gave these people advice?


Your photo shoot could kill.

It would also be a criminal offence during and after so you and the team could end up with criminal convictions when


There are plenty of places nearby you could hire and be safely supervised eg.

Barrow Hill


Peak Rail



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The old line out of Clowne would be ideal. Its completely disused, so you won't get done for trespassing.


Park on Slayley Hill, walk up to the bridge and then go down the embankment:



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