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Asda petrol and diesel pump problem.

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Every time I fill my car with diesel at the Asda store Drakehouse I have noticed that the pump meter clocks up 8p before a drop of fuel flows!·Now I know it's not a huge amount but multiply that with the amount of customers filling up and it will add up quite a bit!·Can anyone explain why this happens it's not a one off it happens every time??.

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The amount that is taken before the [liguid] fuel flows is actually 11.3p - this charge is applied because pre-viscius(sep)fuel is still present in the hose as a gas, that theoretically can be used to ignite the engine = inertia, and can if not applied, provide the savvy with a free fuel source - though in practice is practically unfeasible.


Apparently, when the fuel pumped into the the vehicle exceeds £2.45, the initial charge of 11.3p is expunged.

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