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But you could argue the same about anybody who wanted to join the army.





Have you asked most people?


You seem a bit angry. Is everything okay at home?

You don't seem to have any idea why most people join the army, Have you been in the army?

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Can the same techniques work in the UK ? Or should returning jihadists not be allowed back ? The Forum has discussed this topic once before. But some time has elapsed since that discussion .





Most western countries, fearful of the threat they could allows authorities to seize passports and ID cards from would-be jihadists “likely to jeopardise public security on their return”. Britain has arrested at least 60 returnees; government talk has been of long jail terms, or trying to ban more from coming back at all.

The Guardian.






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That’s fine, of course: we don’t mind what religious or political opinions people have – as long as they don’t support, or take part in, illegal activity.” (Bertelsen puts it more bluntly: “The message,” he says, “has to be: it’s great that you have religious, political convictions, that you’re critical of society. Just, please, find some way to deal with them that does not involve violence.”)


Not minding or challenging could result in the growth of something undesirable like Nazism.


Sorry from bringing Nazism in so early in the topic.

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