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Stevensons of Beeley Street - Family tree thread can you help?

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I am trying to sort out a knot in my family tree. Is there anyone out there who had an Edward Foster Stephenson in their family? He lived with his wife Annie and his son Edward Arnold Stephenson in Tullibardine Road, Ecclesall. He was born in 1864 and died in 1931. He worked as a silversmith and/or silver journeyman.

I have tried all the regular sites which I usually use but am finding out that it is much harder to find things out for the 19 century because of the 100 year privacy laws. So, I thought that I would give Sheffield Forum a whirl. I find the people on here are so helpful whatever or whoever you're looking for.




The only bit of information (which you probably already have) is that his wife was Annie Elizabeth Bland, they married in December 1888.

There may be Bland researchers as well as Stephenson ones.




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Ive looked in several Directories and these are the only Stephenson's I can Find.


Stephenson, Blake, and Co., typefounders1199 Allen street

Stephenson and Co., coal, coke, lime, and iron masters, Railway Depot, Saville street.,and Clay Cross ; Chas. Rawson, agent

Stephenson Edward, tobacconist & dealer in cricket bats, balls, &c., 17 Porter street

Stephenson George, butcher,54 Scotland st

Stephenson Henry, type founder (Stephenson, Blake, & Co.); h Endcliffe crescent

Stephenson Henry, wood carver, Fox's yard, New Church street ; and butter dealer, 122 South street, Moor (New Church Street was demolished to build the Town hall )

Stephenson John, type founder (Stephenson, Blake, & Co.); h Endcliffe crescent

Stephenson Robert, brush manufacturer., 48 Fargate



Stephenson Albert, joiner's foreman, 8 Chandos street

Stephenson Alfred George, eating house and dining rooms proprietor, and commercial hotel, 23-25 West bar

Stephenson, Blake & 00. letter founders, 199 Upper Allen street; and 33 Aldersgate street, London, E. C

Stephenson Edward. victualler. Cambridge Hotel, 1 Cambridge st

Stephenson Edward, grocer and beer retailer. &8 Gloucester st

Stephenson Edward, Beerhouse, 1 Cross Gilpin street

Stephenson Mrs Elizabeth, 1, Court 7, Adelphi street

Stephenson George, superintendent of Deaf and Dumb Institute; h Woodland view, Stannington

Stephenson George, (j) wire drawer, 16 Victoria st Attercliffe

Stephenson George, railway goods clerk, 119 Ellesmere Road

Stephenson George, butcher, 181 Carlton road, Attercliffe

Stephenson Henry (S, :Blake & C0.) j h Holly bank, Endcliffe Vale road

Stephenson Henry. butter and provision dealer 124 South st

Stephenson Henry. fish & game dlr. 12 :Mount terrace. Glossop I'd

Stephenson Henry, (j) wire drawer, 18 Victoria street, Attercliffe

Stephenson James, butcher, 64: :New :Meadow street

Stephenson .John, goods clerk, 103 Pye bank

Stephenson Joseph, file cutter, 1 Palm lane

Stephenson Robert, brush manufacturer, 56 Fargate

Stephenson Thomas, butcher, 22 Meadow street

Stephenson William, (j) joiner, 11 Dover street

Stephenson William, (j) steel planer, 108 Carbrook street

Stephenson ·Wm. John, (j) saw maker, 28 :Mount road





35 Wardley Albert, driver

37 Crofts Charles

39 Wilson Harry, (j) cutler

41 Hill Mrs Harriett

43 Pass William, bakers' assistant

45 Bingley Herbert, grinder

47 Potter Joseph, (j l gardener

49 Shaw Frederick, grinder

68 Callaghan Matthew, boot maker

70 Cotterill Charles, (j) gardener

72 Booth John, steel warehouseman




AND AT No 71

71 Stephenson Edward Foster, (j) silversmith he's still living there in 1911


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Hi grannypat - in case this is helpful, looking at birth and death indexes it seems that Edward Foster Stephenson was born at Ackworth in Jul-Sep 1963 and died in Sheffield in Jan-Mar 1930. Here is the 1911 census page; the Kelly's directories I have from 1931 to 1940 show Mrs Annie Elizabeth Stephenson at 71 Tullibardine Road. It seems that Annie died in 1941 and Arnold Stephenson is shown at that address in later directories. The 1939 Register shows Annie and Arnold at 71 Tullibardine Road.

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Hi Hillsbro,


Thanks for that. You are always so dependable. The thing is that I was hoping to find someone who is actually in the family and who might know the kind of facts which you can't find on the internet. If only someone had a time machine so that I could go back to the 1920s and find everything out, that I need to know, for myself. Hey-ho! :cry:



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Is there anyone out there who has family connections to Beeley Street? My mum and his brothers and sister grew up on that street and lived there until the early 1930s. They all went to St. Mathias school. I know that it's a long time ago but someone's grandparents must have lived there. I would like to find out as much as I can about the people who lived there and what life was like then. I shall keep my fingers crossed so please reply asap. 😄



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