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Has anyone been involved in a Hackathon before?

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Hi all,


I'm interested in arranging a Hackathon in Sheffield and i was wondering what the good folk of Sheffield thought about this?


It gives the chance for wantrepreneurial minded people to meet coders/developers, UX Designers and anyone who just wants to get involved to create and launch a digital product.


Any views on this welcome and would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance :D

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The company I work organized an internal one recently and there were a few Sheffield teams so there is interest. I'm too busy being a parent but I can pass on info if you like. There is an occasional tech get together thing a colleague used to go to but details completely slipped my mind.

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I would like to be part. But am not from Sheffield. If that’s ok count me in!!


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Sorry just had another look. I thought it was an online thing. Count me out. Or In if you make it an online hack challenge.

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Just seen it. Sent a reply.


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Proboards set a challenge many years ago. Saying no one could hack them and offered a measly £40 to anyone that could. Guess what they lost that £40!. lol

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