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Hedgehog found, injured and Bleeding


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Thanks you lot and thanks to whomever moved it for me.

Im on hold to the RSPCA (wouldnt normally but no other option) as im unable to take it anywhere and its looking really poorly.

Ill keep you updated as im on hold right now

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What happened to the Hedgehog?

If anything like this happens in the future the RSPCA should deal with it or tell you what to do, otherwise take the animal/bird to a vet who ever is local, they will not charge you anything to take the animal, if it can be treated they will but if it is to bad it will be PTS, sad as that is its a lot better than a long drawn out death with suffering.

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Found a hedgehog. Its hurt and bleeding. Who can help?

Thank you.


Get it to South Yorkshire Animal Rescue Centre http://www.syar.org.uk/


Feed it cat food and water overnight


Keep us posted


Love hedge pigs :)


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I've taken a few wild things there


They're really good with hedge pigs

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