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Ma brass and bold..

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The tales have been told,

About one brass and bold,

Secrets taken with her,

There certainly could be no other,

Unique they say, a one and only,

Yet in her later life, often quite lonely,

She loved animals especially her birds,

Who with her neighbour she had several words?

They attract vermin he said, like mice and rats,

So Ma decided to get herself a cat,

She fed the birds night and day,

The cat by her side would not stray,

Remarked animals are friends and people are pests,

The cat fed on cod loin, she said “ nowt but the best”

Not joking but old moggy must have been five stone,

Struggled like mad to cage him after she had gone,

So hard to sum up as troubles come to light,

Damage done and impossible to put right,

Only she would know, her secrets never fully exposed,

A book that was almost opened will forever remain closed.



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