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Sheffield Law Firms tasteless Alton Towers Tweet

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Oh well, they've learned first-hand how eminently unsuitable Twitter and all manner of social media is for self-promotion of professional services...I mean, it's not as if these troll-infested media platforms have a habit of turning mild PR gales in teacups into Katrina-beating PR Hurricanes, is it? :twisted:


In other news, I was reading today that price and advertising respectively account for 4% and 5% of legal firm selection, the balance being made of referral (recommendations, word of mouth, etc) by satisfied clients.


Moral of the story for solicitors: don't tweet, facebook or instagram, don't bother splashing £££s on ads, stick to getting results for your clients ;)

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They say bad publicity is better than none.

They have had their name given some free national advertising because of a crude message.


Before they tweeted this, how many of us had heard of their company?


You think people won't use them because of what they've done? I doubt it is the case with the business they look for.

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