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A political education - with laughs.

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There must be a whole generation who have never heard of it, but anybody interested in politics could do worse than watch 'Yes Minister' (on today, Monday, BBC2 at 4.45pm) IMO one of the funniest series ever on TV. It should be part of everyone's political awareness training...


I admit it's from the days when we thought politics and politicians were benign, that's why it's funny, but little did we know how true it was. There's so much in it that still chimes true today. The one about opinion polls is a classic, and teaches you all you need to know, especially with a referendum coming up.


And we thought self serving politicians were a new thing....Let's hope they soon bring back Alan B'stard too...

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Let's hope they soon bring back Alan B'stard too...


Not likely as the wonderful Rik Mayall has died, and nobody could step into his shoes.


But, yes, Yes Minister is absolutely timeless. My favourite bit is in the episode about smoking and what were then outrageous steps to consider taking, but most of which have now happened - banning smoking in public places, banning advertising in sport, banning advertising and promotion at point of sale, and making a packet of 20 cost the same as a bottle of whisky. I've not bought any cigarettes in a long time but you can get cheapo Aldi whisky for around £9.



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