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Iplayer - something went wrong playing this programme 02100

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I have a new Samsung smart TV. ON the few occasions I have watched something on Iplayer it gets near the end, then stops with the above message. I've googled it but with little joy. Anyone else have issues? Iplayer is built into the TV and is up-to-date.


One post said drop the quality from HD to SD, but what is the point in having HD if you can't watch it!


I am on Virgin fibre - 30 MB


Any ideas?


I've not yet contacted Samsung, I thought I would see if other people have problems.




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As far as I know - there's (or at least was) two versions of iPlayer - if one didn't work properly, use the other...


Also, try manual network settings on your TV, including using Googles (or an alternative) DNS

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No idea, seems odd that it will stream happily for about 35 minutes, then freeze and stop with an error. It won't restart either. I can't see it being Virgins issue, my broadband is quick enough and if I watch stuff on Iplayer on the laptop it plays fine.


Had a look at the TV settings, not a great deal I can mess with. will try watching a program on on the ITV player and see if that does it.

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