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Krav Maga 3 Weeks Trial Experience

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Hey everyone,


it may interest you to know that we are running "3 Weeks 1KravMaga Experience Trial."

Join us for 3 weeks to find out what KravMaga can offer in terms of realistic street self defence & functional fitness; you will not regret it ;-)


Starting on Saturday 6th June, 11:30-13:00 finishing on Saturday 20th June.

Sessions held in Meersbrook Enterprise Centre, Unit 108, 19 Valley Road, S89FT


For more information and to book please, follow the link:


3 Weeks 1KravMaga Experience Trial


You can also check out our Facebook or our Website


alternatively, should you have any questions please, do not hesitate to ask ;-)



Best regards


1KravMaga Team

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it will be all over in less than 5 hours, so here is your chance to spend £25 on something fun, new, exciting and useful at the same time .....we all know you're going to spend the money anyway ;-)))


3 Weeks Krav Maga Experience kicks off tomorrow and there are last 4 places up for grabs ;-)

Take your friend, favourite pet, fitness clothes, bottle of water and give it a GO ;-)


Click the link to book&pay: KravMaga Experience




1KM & secrete sidekick ;-)))


....don't tell him I said that wink emoticon

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All of you are probably on a nice beach sunbathing, enjoying the weather, the sea and loads of Margaritas or Long Island Ice Teas, aren't you ;-)))


Well, if you're not please, be aware that we have changed the day for the Krav Experience. It is now on Tuesday and we're starting in 3 days on the 7th of July. Give it a go ...


Krav Maga Experience


Unit 108

Meersbrook Enterprise Centre

19 Valley Road


S8 9FT

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