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Sheffield Registry Office


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I'm looking to get some advice from our Sheffield Wedding Photographers. I will be photographing a wedding at the Sheffield Registry Office shortly.


I've done a bit of a scout of the area and the most obvious place for group shots is the Peace Gardens. How do photographers deal with the general public in this regard? The wedding will be on a Saturday afternoon, so it is expected that the gardens will be pretty full.


I'm thinking of having the group shots in front of the water fountains. However, I will need to somehow stop the general public from wandering into the shot....if only for 10-15mins etc. I've got 45 mins for the group shots in total.


Has any photographers had difficulty shooting in the peace gardens? If so, how did you deal with it?


Advice appreciated.

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We had our wedding photos done infront of the fountains and there was no problem at all...people were very respectful and made deliberate attempts to avoid the area! I think you will be pleasantly surprised..

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