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New, New Labour

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The old government now re-elected,

With a slender majority that no one expected,

Let the political merry go round now commence,

Time for would be leaders to come down off the fence,

Those who may be interested need to throw in their hat,

Like Children being hauled together after a playground spat,

New, New Labour with a vision and a plan,

May even be a female leader instead of a man,

No doubt there will be squabbling throughout the ranks,

Firing shells on each other, with their political tanks,

Though once the dust has settled, a leader will come from out of the pack,

Someone who might be able to get the party back on track,

With those Lib-Dems tucked up in corner with not a lot to say,

Could be twenty years before they next have a day,

Something tells me that the roses in the garden may not smell sweet,

Five more years of Austerity, may well get us back on our feet,

A referendum promised on Europe by the ruling party,

With hardship and cutbacks brings a new form of solidarity,

Us peasants after being beaten no doubt will rise and revolt,

And bring this tory bandwagon to a shuddering halt.



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