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I have a dollshouse & love the hobby & just wondered if there's any other collectors out there & maybe have a get together to swap ideas & just to chat about the hobby in the sheffield area


I can't find any clubs or shops around sheffield in fact not much in South Yorkshire



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I had a large Victorian dolls house that my hubby made me but I let my grand daughter have it a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I lost interest because like you said there are very few specialist shops selling stuff for them. Everything can be purchased over the internet but it is not the same as seeing goods in a shop. You can sometimes get the cheaper furniture at odd shops but the proper 1/12 scale is hard to get from anywhere where you need to handle it. LOL. I still have to order my grand daughter things though as she cannot get them, I use Janda supplies on the internet. Pat

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I also tend to buy online Its really the only way to do it if you don't have a shop nearby. I go to Pudsey Dollshouse fair once a year (easy to get to by train) I get some inspiration from that, otherwise its internet.

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Hi I have a Victorian dolls house with loads of furniture and people,will split and take offers


Victorian lady and man

Old lady

Two children and a baby


Bedroom furniture


Kitchen furniture

Child's room cot ,changing cabinet,rocking hose

Loads of other stuff to numerous to.mention eg coffee tables,sewing machine food,pictures and lighting ect

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I too have an interest in 12th scale dolls houses I have a Dolls house emporium Tudor and a victorian 12th scale house. I made all my own furniture with balsa wood. They took over 16 years to completely furnish. Don't do much now though because I have AMD and my sight is poor but I still have my houses and enjoy them!

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A few years back there was a thread going about dolls houses and I remember replying to it - am obsessed with dolls houses and miniatures so ranted on a bit! I either get my stuff on-line from the Dolls House Emporium or make it myself. I won 2nd prize in their competition once for a model I made of the Chatsworth temple and cascade which I was well chuffed about. Don't have it anymore unfortunately as downsized and just have 8 "projects" now. Not all houses - range from a block of flats to a wartime garden. I ended up only buying things in Tesco that I could use the packaging to make something and kept every little lid top, bead, box I had so had to nip that in the bud before I became a Dolls house bits 'n bobs hoarder!! Don't have much time these days but hoping to do another garden after I finish a course I'm on in January.

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