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Nanny/ Chilminders for school runs anybody?

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Hi all, please help as I am desperate now. I have used the council database to find a childminder for school runs but found nothing. Does anyone knows any childminder currently dropping off/ picking up at Walkley school?


I am also looking for an Ofsted registered nanny who is able to come in at 7/7'30 am Monday to Friday and return 3pm - 5/6pm. Duties: take children to school and bring them back and look after them in the house. 25 hours but I can offer up to 30hoursper week. Time and salary negotiable.


Thank you

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That would be a lovely job for someone if they were local(ish) to you


Have you asked at any of the parent and tots sessions as sometimes childminders meet up at this kind of event so the children get to mix with more children?


Have you asked at your children's school? Sometimes they will know the childminders that collect children from school and maybe able to put you in touch with them


Good luck with finding a fantastic carer

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