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Since sun shine ! then the chavy men

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I'm not a chav, and, when the suns out hot and bright I wander round with no top on, as-


1. it feels amazing and makes me happy

2. it's an excellent way of getting vitamin D

3. I'm not embarrased or ashamed of my body


I can't think of a single reason why I'd want a top on when it's hot and sunny.



the risk of melanoma?

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That's right, it's shameful and it's not just beach resorts also. I get fed up of telling Europeans that not all British people are the same. Nor is it about sunshine and shirts off either, but more to do with the British attitude to everything


Poor thing, why did you take it upon yourself to educate all those Europeans? I'm sure I'd be fed up too if I felt it was my duty to tell anyone who would listen.


Another option, keep quiet and let people wherever they are form their own opinion about who they want. If they come to the wrong conclusion their loss.

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