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Help - peugeot 407 fault

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I have a Peugeot 407 2.0 Petrol 2006 which I am having a few problems with. ESP/ASR, Depollution System Faulty and Engine Management Light on. Had a diagnostic done on the car as it started cutting out whilst driving and sometimes having problems starting. The fault codes I have are: PO351 and PO352, P1693 and U2000. The car has been serviced and only passed it MOT last week with flying colours. On research some forums have advised to change the coil pack which I have done, although this was only changed 21 months ago, but did it to be on the safe side and nothing changed. I have taken it to an autoelectrician as advised this could be due to wiring, but no issues with wiring, but they advised it was either the coil pack or the ECU. I have been advised that the ECU can be tested and repaired if possible, but wondered if anyone out there can offer me some advice as I have been told so many different things, including the fact that this fault could be incorrect - it may be something else presenting itself as this fault (a costly one), when it fact it could be something as simple as a sensor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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U2000 is a communication error with the ECU.


The important thing is that you talk to or take it to someone who knows Peugeots. Don't go near a "fix anything" garage with a "scan anything" code reader, as they'll be vague and throw parts at the problem at your expense. For example the P0351 and P0352 codes could be a number of things, from faulty coil pack to a bad fuse box, or even the timing out a couple of notches.


The P1693 code relates to the turbo.


When you have vague unconnected issues, I'd be tempted to look at the battery first. A small drop in the standard voltage can cause all manner of electrical glitches, even if the car sounds like its starting fine. How old is the battery?


Did these problems occur after a service? It wouldn't be the first time a car has had a rushed service and things have been disturbed or not reconnected.


You need an accurate diagnosis with the Peugeot Planet diagnostic gear which can do far more than any code reader out there, as its only for Peugeots.


Post your question on peugeotforums.com or 407owners.com forums where there are lots of 407 owners who'll be able to give accurate advice. Put the P codes in the search boxes of those sites and you'll see how other owners have had and dealt with the problems.


But like I say, there can be various different reasons for the codes, and a little research and investigation and Peugeot knowledge is needed before condemning a part - the biggest custom we have on these forums are from a new member who has had a problem, had a part replaced based on just the code read, then when it hasn't fixed the problem, just got shoulder shrugging from the garage.

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Thank you for your response to my post. I had a new battery 6 weeks ago and the fault codes listed were diagnosed by Peugeot Planet software. My car does not have a turbo so that can not be faulty. I know the fault PO351 states "intermittent fault. 1 ignition coil control open circuit, short circuit to positive and PO352 states "intermittent fault. 2 ignition coil control open circuit, short circuit to positive. Any further help would be appreciated. I dont want to be throwing money at it for nothing. Thanks.

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Are you certain one of the codes was P1693?


PSA OBD Error Code Details for P1693

Turbo charge control circuit malfunction - SID 803 Starting and switching off of the engine controlled. Starting or switch-off requests absent or not valid.


Was a BSI reset performed when the battery was changed?

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Thanks again for your reply. I am very confused - the code is definitely P1693, but I definitely do not have a turbo - the print out states "Intermittent fault. Controlled engine starting and stopping anomaly. Then under richness regulation status it says "open loop (conditions for switching to a closed loop not yet satisfied).


I was advised to do a BSI reset, which I did - but it did not beep - will try this again just in case.


I have someone coming today or monday to test my ECU.


I just seem to be throwing money at it constantly and getting absolutely nowhere.


I am desperate to get it fixed.


Thanks again.


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Had a diagnostic performed at Peugeot today. Fault codes PO351 and PO352 found only. They are clueless. Telling me could be coil pack which i had a new one put on 2 weeks ago. Could be wiring which they could check or ecu. Help! Why is it never a simple one answer solution.

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