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Round Sheffield Run

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Agree mostly, although the medal for this is one of the very best.

Organisers say costs are due to insurance, road closures, etc but they can charge such high prices because people will pay them for big events, like RSR has become. My bugbear is the clamour to enter on-line 6 months in advance; lots of folk will enter and decide not to run (due to injury, lack of training, etc) and lots of people will be left without a place.


A couple of times, I`ve managed to get a cheap place in SHM from people who decide not to run.


There are some bargain races out there though but many of them are fell races.



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Looking forward to this one now. With the lighter evenings, I`ve managed to hit the trails a bit already enjoying Eccy Woods and Lady Spring last night. :) Who else is in?


I'm doing it this year - I love the route but first time doing the actual race. Really looking forward to it!

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Sidestepping this in favour of the Killamarsh round the lakes. ?16? miler


3 Lakes Classic - also known as the 3 cakes classic due to the incredible buffet of cake at the end - fantastic race and rivals the fells races for value (especially when you factor the cake in!)

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