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FREE Kick-Boxing Classes for 5-15 Year Olds Stannington

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Stannington gym, Powers Martial Arts Centre, has received an amount of generous sponsorship money from a number of local businesses to run FREE martial arts training classes for youngsters in the local community.


The sessions are aimed at attracting children from families where parents would otherwise be unable to pay for such activities. The children will be able to train at the gym up to twice a week, depending on take-up, in order to help them build confidence, improve health, make friends, learn new skills and develop an interest in sport.


Places are limited to 20 children with 10 extras being put on a waiting list to take the place of any non-attenders. Parents of the children involved are urged by the gym to give notice of non-attendance or to provide good reason for missing sessions. If more than 4 sessions are missed without reason, the child’s place will be given to someone else.


Children’s classes at the gym are normally charged at £5 per child and £20 for gradings. Those who work at the gym currently instruct many local youngsters from all backgrounds and situations.


Lessons are due to start on 6th April 2015. Parents and schools are being asked to signpost children who are either on the free school meals scheme or who may otherwise fall within the requirements.


For more information, please contact Paul or Sue Powers:

Tel: 01142336756 / 07831763688

E-mail: info@powersmartialarts.co.uk

Web: http://www.powersmartialarts.co.uk

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Priority is given to children who might not have the option to take part in sport through no fault of their own. There are 20 places and all children are welcome to apply. This is a pilot project to see if the gym can encourage youngsters to take part in a sport who may otherwise not have that opportunity.


It's a community-effort to address inequalities. Usually classes are £5 for children. Some of those sponsoring the project have children who come to the gym themselves.

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