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Why is there so much background noise when going out in Sheffield


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I only really noticed this the other night when me and my friend went out in Sheffield and its really really annoying and puts me off going out in future !


Venue 1

Neros coffee shop, Fargate

We tried to have a conversation but to no avail ! The staff were playing what sounded like their favourite pop music on the public speakers at way too loud a volume for a coffee shop - I thought coffee shopes were for conversation ! we made hand signals to each other and left


Venue 2

MacDonalds, Fargate

We thought a bit to eat but while waiting in the queue to be served we were deafened by music and of course the general crowd noise that is the caliber of customer in Maccy Ds. We about turned and left and decided to have a more substantial meal in the end.


Venue 3

Pizza Hut, High Street

Great a nice quiet restaurant we thought, Very pleasant staff and the food was good, but from the moment we sat down we found conversation impossible without leaning over the pizzas to hear each other - non stop vintage Motown played on a loop at way too loud a volume - the poor staff must be able to sing all the lyrics by now ! We gave up what little talking we did and agreed to talk later on and ate in sullen and fuming silence while the music blared ! we agreed to talk back at the house


Venue 4

Home, pleace and quiet apart from the odd traffic siren !

Why on earth would anyone want to go out and spend their hard-earned money when you cant enjoy a night out and be heard talking to a friend ... and we did not even go near a pub or a club 10 times worse !! This younger generation will all be deafened when they get to our age !!


Atrocious !! Has anyone else thought this or am I odd ps I am not old but probably classed as middle-aged !!



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you should have been in the York at Broomhill on saturday night!


3 women 2 blokes stood not far from the bar area. One woman with a high pitched scream that made your ears bleed. One of the other guys kept pretending to be having an argument with her and shouting at the top of his voice, things like:


"if that's what you think then I am out of here and that's all I've got to say"


and then he storms out and the entire pub looks around. One minute later he's back inside the pub, chatting away with the same folks and they are all laughing about it - then she starts up screaming again and he starts shouting at her at the top of his voice.


It wasn't an argument at all. Just some folks idea of having fun and not least drawing attention to themselves.


We were sat on a big table next to two other couples. We didn't know them at all, but we got into conversation quickly because we were all completely irritated and on edge with this group of drama queens near the bar. It was absolutely horrible.


I could feel myself getting wound up by it but fortunately we were only popping in for a quick half as we had a meal booked up the road. But as we got up to leave, one of the other couples were threatening to do the same.


I've no problem with people having a laugh out loud and enjoying themselves and pubs should be places where people can go and let their hair down. But this was completely OTT. It was horrendous and how the manager didn't ask them to tone it down a bit is a mystery to me. It was damaging to the atmosphere in the place.


I like the York pub. I hope they aren't regulars there?

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You sound like a barrel of laughs. Who goes out for food at Macdonalds or Pizza Hut and moans about noise or their surroundings? You could have at least asked the Pizza Hut staff to turn the music down if it was so much of a problem.


Id suggest a takeaway pizza at home in future but then you'll probably complain that they knock too loudly on the door when delivering

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Not been in Nero's much but I would incredibly surprised if the music was loud enough to even notice, let alone so loud that you had to 'make hand signals' to each other to indicate you wanted to leave.


I don't think I've ever heard music in McDonalds, ever? And I have been in late night on a weekend.


I have noticed music in Pizza Hut before, but not excessively loud - perhaps loud enough to make you have to raise your voice above low levels.

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