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Pampering type dog groomers?


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Do we have a local dog groomers where they do things like put bows in dogs hair? Paint nails? Like they do in america and london. Normally for smaller dogs.


There is a reason im asking this and its not what you think. Its for a study for my niece for school.


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So isnt there one in sheffield? Thanks

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Groom room at pets at home do bows.. And a groom place behind killamarsh shops do nails and pampering. I've never had it done as I don't believe in it but my dogs have been to both of these places and i have seen it in the price list.

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I think i didnt explain what I meant very well or people havent understood. Im looking for one of those dog salons which are popular in america. Think of 'designer dogs'. They groom them but as well as that they put bows in the dogs hair, the can dye their fur pink, paint their nails, sell blingy clothes and collars, have fancy furniture in the salon etc... They do have these type of salons in London as well.


Im not after a normal grooming salon. Thanks

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