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Hot Dog, Burger & Beer

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That fried onion smell was ringing out

Next! Did the lass in the greasy overall shout?

Can I have Hot dog and a Burger with cheese,

With or without onions? “Oh with please”

On the griddle the Burger was slowly cooking,

Lass that served me well she was quite good looking,

That will be £5.80 when you are ready luv,

I gave her £6.00 and said that is near enough,

She passes me the Burger “its hot love don’t say I didn't warn yer,

Help yourself to sauces over there in the corner,

There was relish and mustard, red sauce and brown,

I opened up my Burger and with relish did drown,

On the Hot Dog it had to be red,

As it weren't for me but for my mate Fred,

He had been to the bar and bought a couple of beers,

He handed me one, and I replied with Cheers!

“About time he said as I passed him his dog”

Shut up and eat it you miserable old sod.



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