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..Little Pieces

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And finally, the headlines say -

someone famous died today.

The highlights of their life are shown

- a leading actor, widely known.

You note the loss and carry on,

it’s not like someone close is gone.


But almost every other day

some public face will pass away -


a movie star with lasting fame,

some faded former household name,

a legend in the world of Rock

whose early death is such a shock

and those the daily papers choose

to tuck away with lesser news:

entertainers, sit com stars,

a character in Z Cars,

comedians now seen to be

spectacularly un-PC.


Some half-remembered name or face

can take you to another place

and deepening nostalgia grows

for long gone teatime kiddies shows,

classic dramas, shared delights,

and cosy gathered Christmas nights.


The passing of the famous lends

no mourning as with special friends

but still I feel they’ve grown to be

perhaps a little bit of me

as recollections left behind

in dusty corners of the mind.

And then with every passing day

I find these pieces swept away.


Yet still I’m in a healthy state,

I know I won’t disintegrate.

These memories are merely fluff

compared to stronger, deeper stuff

But still I’m more aware of how

a fading world seems further now.

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