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Rambo: First Blood


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ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER!!!! -- They sure picked the wrong guy!!!!!! (Im glad I found a good copy (In SP mode))





Like John said "THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD" -- They sure did..... They saw John as a Military person (The 'US Army' on his jacket set the sheriffs attitude) and many ppl do not like them for the way they treat ppl badly....... IT WAS NOT JOHNS FAULT THAT MR. GALT WAS KILLED WHEN HE FELL OUT OF THE HELICOPTER....... It was Karma that got him... HE WAS GONNA KILL JOHN!!!


That movie came out BEFORE THIS P.C. CRAP STARTED luckily (1982) and was able to be ALL IT COULD!! (Its excellent)

What about, don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe, go on John J.:hihi:

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