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Road Mannerisms

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I love all debates concerning driving because I do it for a living and and try to be as professional as I can at all times.


On zebra crossings...the pedestrian ONLY has right of way once they have actually stepped onto the crossing! The pedestrian MUST NOT cross or attempt to cross if it's not safe!! A lot of pedestrians THINK they have priority but this is not the case.


When you let a vehicle out it is because you are courteous and like to keep momentum of traffic. If the person doesn't respond then simply rise above it because you have already proved you are a better person and a driver. (Also remember reg number and don't let them out again).


I don't understand this. If someone doesn't physically acknowledge your kindness in the form of a hand gesture which you deem to be appropriate then you remember their plate number and don't let them out again?


Ha, so British! :hihi:

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I have a twitch and tend to click my fingers a lot while driving. Would this be classed as road mannerisms or Tourette's?


I'm reminded of an incident a year or so ago. I was on Manchester road at Crosspool, intending to turn right into Sandygate Road. As I approached the junction, the driver of a car travelling out of town clearly waved me across in front of him. I was about to go, but hesitated as he didn't seem to be slowing down quite enough for me to get across. Lucky I did as he carried on straight through the junction, continuing his hand movements as part of his animated conversation with his passenger.

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Zebra crossings. As you approach a zebra crossing


look out for pedestrians waiting to cross and be ready to slow down or stop to let them cross

you MUST give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing

allow more time for stopping on wet or icy roads

do not wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians across; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching

be aware of pedestrians approaching from the side of the crossing.

A zebra crossing with a central island is two separate crossings (see pictures in Crossings (18 to 30).

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I too would love to know why drivers don't indicate. I am a very frequent pedestrian and often stand for long periods waiting to cross because I have no idea of the intention of drivers waiting to turn. By my estimation more than half of drivers don't indicate at all and even more than that don't indicate to let pedestrians know what they are doing - that will be half the drivers on this forum - if you are brave enough to come out as a non-indicator please tell us why.


I sit next to non-indicators quite frequently, particularly when going straight ahead (second exit) at a roundabout.

When I ask them why, their response:

- I was taught not to (false memory?)

- they have in the past indicated but developed a too late indication then evidently decided not to bother

A laziness develops and not indicating is made even more likely if the driver habitually holds onto the gear stick (comfort blanket).

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