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Storing sensitive personal data online


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It all depends on what data you are looking to secure and why. If you are really concerned for a genuine reason than options are quite limited unfortunately.


I am a massive fan of Evernote, they are transparent, reliable and because their business model relies on you paying a fiver a month they have no interest in selling your data.


But whichever service you use, there is simply no guarantee.

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thanks for suggestions. should have said these are a/v files and there are a total of 4-6 files with total data requirement of c. 22GB; unsure whether this includes duplicate files but they are quite large in their own right.


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it's personal data

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Chances are, your favourite cloud based storage provider is just a front end to Amazon S3 anyway. Dropbox certainly is. The three main storage providers are Amazon, Microsoft and Google.


I'd be far more nervous trusting a small unknown company than one of the big three when it comes to security and uptime.

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they have no interest in selling your data. .


Slightly off topic but:

I read a while back that a company that will take a sample of your saliva and for ££££s give you a report on your DNA and your origins, have come to an agreement with a pharmaceutical company(after removing personal info) to sell them your DNA results.


Heads they win, tails they win.

So how safe is your data.

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