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Is it possible to format a USB to 1.44mb in W7?


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What are you trying to achieve, make a bootable USB stick?


One of my older machines at work used to use a floppy drive but I converted it to a USB emulator several years ago. It relies on USB sticks formatted to 1.44MB but the (now old) one it uses is looking a bit tatty. I'd like to format some spares in preparation.


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Sorted it, found this...




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with regards to formatting, i have two sanDisk 8GB usb flash drive, i C & P what i had to put on them about 7.5 GB no problem But, when i put them back in the USB slot a message came up saying before you can use these they need formatting, ok no problem i can always put the stuff back on so,

i formatted them fat32, here is the problem the space that i used before formatting 7.5 GB i cannot use it says the 7.5GB is used space i carnt delete it so i am left with just 0.5 GB of usable space, am i ignorant of the fact that this is normal, or is there something els i should have known.


thanks in anticipation

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