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FREE retail courses in Sheffield

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Hi I wanted to let as many people as possible know about these 3 free courses, aimed at businesses wanting to either sell to retailers, or to retail themselves. They're going to be delivered by a guy who has masses of experience at senior level with the likes of Morrisons, and Walmart and are being sponsored by Business Sheffield.


Anyone wanting to book on or find out more should ring 0800 0435522 or 0114 224 5000. I understand there are only between 4 and 7 places left (depending which course you're looking at)





Retail Insights Course 1

Marketing, Media & Customers 24th March 10am – 1pm FP4B


• Discover a few fascinating facts and metrics about the retail industry in general

• Understand the relationships between your product, market and customer before you commit to marketing strategies

• Learn how to market your business more effectively to the right people, in the right place at the right time at the lowest cost.

• Gain an understanding of how to interface and use media to your advantage as part of your overall marketing strategy


Content includes:


• Retail Fundamentals & Key Metrics

• Know Your Customer

• Know Your Market

• Know Your Product

• Marketing

• Media Management




Retail Insights Course 2

Insider’s Guide to Large Retailers 25th March 10am – 1pm FP4B


Essential awareness for a supplier, wholesaler or small retailer considering pitching their product to a large retailer.


• Discover the complex structures of large retailers and how these interact and affect your potential pitch to them

• Gain an understanding of how the major retailers think, strategise and conduct their procurement requirements

• Learn how to approach negotiations with a major retailer and how to combat some of their more onerous terms

• Understand some lateral strategies for approaching or gaining entry to a large-scale retailer



Content includes:


• Retailer structure & complexity

• Procurement & Product to Market understanding

• Negotiations

• How to get in/Tactical entry




Retail Insights Course 3

Moving Up the Ladder 25th March 2pm – 4pm FP4B


Essential awareness of any business looking to expand from a single place of operation to multiple places of operation, and/or from owner operation to ‘managed operation’.


• Consider your readiness for the transition and its effect on the existing business

• Gain an understanding of how to protect and replicate key culture and standards through both people and process

• Learn how to utilise new recruitment as a tool to ensure success

• Discover the key Operating procedures utilised by multiple outlet business to ensure correct control, communication, visibility and audit

• Review the change of outlook/mind set required of you as the current owner/manager and how this must move towards a new model of owner/CEO


Content includes:


• Are you ready? Foundations built?

• Service, Systems & Consistency -Replicating the model

• Culture & Standards

• People & Process

• Recruitment

• Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

• Policy & Process, Way of Working, WAGJLL, COE, Communications & Visibility, Audit & Reporting

• Mind Set shift: Owner to CEO





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The 1st one is now fully booked.

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