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'Shaking Hands with Death': Remembering Sir Terry Pratchett OBE 18/03

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On 12th March 2015, the beloved writer and prominent humanist, Sir Terry Pratchett OBE sadly passed away.


Many of us grew up with his books, many of us discovered them later in life, and many of us knew him through his work campaigning for dignity in dying.


In rememberance of Sir Terry, the Sheffield Humanists and the University of Sheffield Secular and Atheist Society are hosting an event on the evening of Wednesday 18th March, in Lecture Theatre 5 in the Hicks Building at the University of Sheffield. The event will start at 19:30


There will be a viewing of his moving lecture on assisted dying entitled "Shaking Hands with Death", and some readings of some of his work.


We would also like to call for people to donate to Alzheimer's Research, and will be taking a bucket collection on the night.


Sir Terry was an ardent campaigner for Alzheimers research, and for assisted dying, but he also created a whole literary world which will live on long after his death.


“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away” - Sir Terry Pratchett OBE



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