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Help Bios password


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a friend wants a new hard drive fitting and w7 install

but the laptop wants bios password so can not boot from cd etc old hdd went corrupt

esystem ei 3101 laptop

tried a few back door passwords but no joy

c mos battery is out etc

pressed power button etc

stuck !

Any help

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E-Systems laptops are a bit of a nightmare. You could try removing the battery and the cmos battery again and immediately afterwards hold down the power button for 2 minutes. I've only seen this work on a couple of their laptops but worth a try.


Otherwise it's a matter of finding a knowledgable professional to locate two solder-point jumpers on the motherboard and shorting them, but the jumpers vary on different mainboards and there's a reasonable chance of destroying the board.


thanks tried all of the above but no joy

j2 is the label of the 2points on mb shorted them out for a few mins

not tried to soldered them ?

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Just take flat-headed screwdriver (not galvanized or magnetized) and put on top of those J2 solder blobs (connecting them with screwdriver in order to short them), keep it there for about 10 seconds, your BIOS will be reset and password removed.


tried it j2 still same and left cmos battery out for over 24hrs now ???


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Don't solder them :) I was just indicating that the two points that needed shorting are actually just solder blobs rather than proper jumpers.


As I seem to remember on the one I did they were labelled PJ8 and PJ9.... I think. On some boards they were numbers 5 and 6 instead. Like I say, a professional that deals with mainboard repairs at the electronic level would need to take a look to be sure.


E-Systems never provided manuals for their mainboards, which were custom designed.


cheers will look for those j points

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