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Designer Clothes Stores in Sheffield

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I have been searching for a while now but I'm still to find a good designer store in Sheffield. Ive been in Sa-Kiss and Eton in the town centre and Van Mildert in meadowhall but other than that Im struggling to find much. I'm looking for more of the high end designers and don't like travelling to Manchster or Leeds just to try something on in selfridges or Harvey Nichols before buying. Is there any independant stores in Sheffield or just out of the city centre that anyone could suggest?


Looking for stuff similar to (for example) Y-3 and other high end streetwear brands.


Thanks :)

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Most probably best you pursue your search of Designer Shopping Villages such as Bicester Village in Oxfordshire or try Lakeside Doncaster. Most unsure if there are any such designer outlets in or around South Yorkshire. But would be most interested to know....Should I Win a Fortune One Day. Failing that try browsing in More Well ESTABLISHED Department Stores. Better still ask the Chinese or Japanese who Dote over Design Buys...ENJOY YOUR SHOPPING as Design is Investment in all forms.

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