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Revenge on your cheating spouse/partner etc would you??

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I have to admit 15 years ago when an ex partner treated me badly I wanted to take revenge, but I never did. At the time I felt angry and humiliated, so I suppose I wanted to hurt him, as much as I felt he hurt me. In some ways the anger wasn't even about him, more a symptom of the low self esteem I felt at the time.

Nowadays I regret harbouring so much hate towards him, it just ate me up inside, and I guess it gave him the satisfaction of knowing that he got to me.

Revenge is pointless, best just to use that energy in looking after yourself and trying to improve your situation.

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I totally agree medusa, not so easy though in Army quarters, have you noticed that it's mostly men who are saying revenge is wrong.? I've had quite a happy life now he is no longer part of it. Leeft me with 4 little girls to bring up, I was only 24yrs old but we managed . Im 76 now and it's wonderful to just do what I want, I have control of the tv remote, can read all day if I want, go to bed when I want to THERE'S A LOT TO BE SAID FOR LIVING ALONE, I LOVE IT

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