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£1 houses in East Durham?

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Maybe they could sell them at the local pub, free pint with every purchase


Can you imagine??


You go out to the pub, things get carried away and you wake up, with a stinking hangover owning an entire street :hihi::hihi::hihi::hihi:

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Right, so there you go: A social landlord (ie. providing housing for the most vulnerable) has to sell 100+ homes because they can't rent them out/they are not deemed fit for purpose anymore.


This then relates to: Desirability, nobody wants to live there. Availability, nobody is forced to live there. Economy, the landlord can not afford to have the houses sitting around unoccupied and has to sell.


Again, it reiterates that there is no housing crisis here. If these had been in Islington they'd have been snapped up for 300K and up. ]If the housing association had a need to restructure these homes to make them more desirable, they would have found the money to do so.



Where? Down the back of the sofa?


HAs get most of their income from rents so if they have empty prperties their income will go down. And if demand (the market) has declined they are not going to attract Govt funding or lending from a bank.

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