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Welcome to the Classic Car Group.

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I've just joined and am a bit of a car nut so thought I would post. Currently got:


Focus RS (Mk1 2003)

Fiesta RS Turbo (currently in bits)

Fiesta Si (Mk3 1995)


What is the local meet situation? Any decent events?


Also really stuck for parking currently, just had the Si resprayed but it is parallel parked and I really want to get it off the road. Any suggestions would be gladly received!

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Hello all classic vehicle owners and enthusiasts.   I have just joined this forum which  I found whilst looking for information regarding my latest purchase which is a Starcraft camper based on a 1972 Ford Cortina MK3 and seeing there was a classic car group here decided to join it.  I also have another car, a 1958 Ford 100E Anglia.


I have found a number of posts in the forums relating to Starcraft campers but most of them are quite old and possibly not lokked at anymore by those who posted them.  If anyone knows of any owners of these or possibly owns one themselves please get in touch as I have masses of history I could possibly share.




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