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Few old fishing spots nr Eckington

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Can anyone remember a couple of spots that I fished when I was a youngster? First two places we were taken to by my mate's dad in the sixties. He worked for British Rail and I seem to remember having to cross railway lines to reach the places. The second two, we used to bike it from Chesterfield, rods strapped to the crossbar.

1. Foxlow- this was like a small river and I think it was an oxbow lake next to the Rother. We fished a couple of matches there, one of which I won with 6 small roach.

2. More obscure was somewhere called Blackwaters, near Whittington- we were dumped there, in the middle of nowhere and told that it definitely had fish in it. I remember it being like fishing a swamp- we didn't catch anything at all.

3. Foxton Dam- I think this is still going. Fished this a few times, assured that it contained big tench, but we just caught roach.

4. Dolly Pond- on the way from Whittington to Eckington on the right hand side. It used to be stuffed with perch and we paid the farmer to fish there.

I live some way away now, so haven't been in that area for some years, but would love to know if anyone else fished there.

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