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Gleeson housing development at Parson cross

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Been looking at the Gleeson website for the new homes up Parsons cross way, are these actually built? Just wondered what people could tell me about that area, drawn to these as am a first time buyer and they seem to offer a lot of help, however am not a Sheffield native and currently live in Meersbrook so this is way beyond my Sheffield Knowledge.


Are there are Parson cross posters here, or potentially anyone on these new estates/developments?



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These are not too far away from me, some houses are already lived in and the showhomes are now open.


I have walked past the new estate a few times and the houses look small - we considered the development - we looked at the biggest 3 bed they had available, it is this one but the semi-detached version: http://www.gleeson-homes.co.uk/new-homes/south-yorkshire/monteney-park/3-bedroom-new-home/plot-65.


It was smaller than the 3 house we were living in S9 - we didn't think it was worth the money. Now they have built some you can really see how small they are.


Some people say Parson Cross is a bad place to live - it is a council estate. The Gleeson developments are surround but council houses - not something everyone wants, but it wouldn't put me off as I have moved to Parson Cross.


My house is ex-council - it's a lot bigger than the house above with decent sized garden front and back, plus long drive and oversized garage. We paid £93,000 for it September last year.


The Gleeson homes are close to 3 primary schools - Monteney, Ecclesfield and Mansel. The last Ofsted report for Monteney showed it has a good school. Ecclesfield Primary is a feeder school for Ecclesfield Secondary - which makes it a popular school.


Good bus services round here. Asda nearby, Morrisons/Aldi at Ecclesfield. The is a small row of shops at Margetson includes a Co-Op plus a GP's surgery. Close to Ecclesfield/Grenoside inlduing woods/farm land and Ecclesfield park.


Meadowhall and M1 easy to get to.


Is there anything specific that you want to know?

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