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Sheffield Ghost Stories & Sightings

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Originally posted by Nu_Skillz

of course yoda exists, hes sat having a game of poker with the 'Bogie Man', Santa Claus and God.

Jesus was also in the game but had to leave to attend some crusifiction, but i think that may have just been an excuse cus he was loosing quite badly :D


Yoda was a puppet voiced by the bloke who did Fozzy, Gonzo and most of the other "cast" of the Muppet Show... :lol:

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Puppet! LOL! thats a good one. I suppose he could be a puppet because he looks abit rubbery but sorry, ain't no puppet i know who's as wise and cool as him.


As for the voices!! get real :P Yoda IS real.


Much fear in you, there is. Teach you - I will.

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I heard from a friend at The NG Hospital that there was another sighting of the shadowy figure near the top of the stairs in the old clock tower again last week!

He told me that one cleaner is refusing to go up there after she said she heard someone walking around and then cough right behind her. She was the only one up there at the time and says that something pulled on her dress.


I was told that the tower had been excorsised once before after rumours of staff sightings of ghosts etc. By the sounds of it, they didn't get rid of everything.

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I know that during the war there were bombs dropped in the Fir Vale area (no jokes about how it looks now please) and that many buildings and homes were wrecked. From talking to many of the older residents I gathered that an old, grey lady materialises during a certain November night just down the road from where the Cannon Hall pub is and walks down the middle of the road.

Is this an urban myth or has anyone else heard about this too? I got the same story from more than one person & would be interested to hear if anyone else might have heard of it - or can shed some light on it.

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The tall tower around the back of the hospital, It's one of the oldest parts of the NGH. I think they call it the clock tower. It's reputedly haunted not only in the top rooms which look pretty ghastly from outside during the day but also down in the basement as well.

There have been sightings of unknown figures down there too!

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Originally posted by Warreng

hmmm....i see....so can anyone just go there? i dont think ive seen the tower or i may have but forgot... i think you might as well go and then come back and tell us what happened...


I know someone who works there and went to see them once, whilst being shown around I could see how people would be spooked out in that place, it's like something out of nightmare on elm street. The basement is well spooky, with long corridors and pipes heading off in all directions.


Also I only went halfway up the stairs to the tower as I wasn't allowed any further up and it just felt so strange in there. You know when you can sense something and feel like you're being watched? it's that kind of feeling you get in there - when you get prickles on your neck just standing there!

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The Old Queens Head, Pond Street


Back in the early 90's my sister was a relief manager of this pub, supposedly the oldest in the city with alleged links to Manor Lodge.


I went to meet her after the pub closed as we were going clubbing. We switched off all the lights in the place and went out for some late night fun and games.


having a sister living in the middle of town I thought it silly to taxi home so we went back to the pub to crash. Got in there all the pump lights had been switched on!


There was and had not been all night anybody there. Plus the living quarters are really spooky, if yr over 5'10" you'd have a job getting through the doorways!


Allegedly a guy haunted this pub and likes to sit in a corner.

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