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..Jack the Lad..

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Will you work over? Team leader said,

There will be a pot of tea and summat in bread,

How long the next question was the offer to work?

Jack said whatever, like some grateful Burke,

Can tha stop till ten lad with a half our break?

That’s six hours at time and half what will that make?

Well after tax that will be nearly twenty quid,

A reet boost to pay packet lad, which it actually did,

Back then it wah three quid an hour, for a full weeks graft

Almost ninety quid in your pocket after national insurance and tax,

For Jack that wah good money he could almost do owt,

Ma taking twenty quid for board which seemed like nowt,

So bit of overtime would leave Jack more than flush,

Friday with all work done, and off t pub in a rush,

Lots of beers, with odd game of pool and darts,

Jukebox would be playing songs from the charts,

Tha’s grafted hard Jack for those pounds shillings and pence,

Just to pee up a wall, his Ma would say just don’t make sense,

Looking back she may well have been right,

Though after a week’s graft, tha wah ready for Friday night.



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That took me back John.

Fortunately I've not needed to work o'ertime

for years now. Hope to jack work in completely,

later this year.

Should find more time to get on't Forum them.

Keep sending 'em in John.

Folk need summat to mek 'em smile,

these days.

Briz (That's a name I write under.)

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