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Band needed for surprise engagement proposal

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Early next year I will be proposing to my partner, she has no clue (and doesn't use this forum luckily!). Rather than going into all the details of the proposal I will just say for now that it is to involve a band performing various songs that are dear to me and my partner, some of these songs can be worlds apart so the artists would need to be very diverse, as an example here are a few of the songs:

Many of horror - biffy Clyro

The power of love - Gabrielle Aplins version

The first time ever I saw your face - Roberta Flack

High hopes - Kodaline

Among others

I'm hoping to find a young indie band to fit the description but I am open minded, if you think you could be of assistance PM me and we can talk further about pricing and set lists etc

Thank you :)


P.S. A little about me and my partner, we are in our early 20s with 2 small children, I enjoy indie rock whilst she enjoys anything with live instruments and a beautiful voice, hopefully this will help you determine if you are the right band for the job

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I'm sure we could help you. We're a wedding band, and I'm sure can do what you need (in fact we've played a couple of those as first dances before).


Have a look at our website for an idea of what we do - http://www.rockandsoulmachine.co.uk


Any questions, just give me a shout.


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