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Maybe it’s just not meant to be?

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Terry didn't let her know, that he was more than smitten,

She a perfect most beautiful, lovable happy kitten,

Walk up and down yet his eyes would be transfixed,

Trying to get a glimpse of her smile, her eyes and kissable lips,

When she was laughing well it brought out all these features,

To him god had made what he called the perfect creature,

For months he hid this secret, his burning desire,

When around her his heartbeat surged like a raging fire.


He was older than her by quite a few years,

She would never entertain someone like him, that was his fear,

Maybe given the opportunity, he could tell her what he felt,

His time to say something, but a body blow had just been dealt,

Finally when he had plucked up courage to ask her for a date,

I’m going out on Saturday night with Mick his so called mate,

Oh! He said, Mick! Oh that will be nice for you,

Is anyone else going? Or is it just you two?


No she said I have fancied him now for quite a while,

She looks up at Mick and gives him that gorgeous smile,

Just the two of us she says, he is taking me for something to eat,

Awe just look at him, he really is quite sweet,

Almost twenty years ago and they are still together,

Yet Terry still in touch loves her more than ever,

Why didn't you ask me then? She said I always saw you as a friend,

He said when you started seeing Mick, been waiting for it to end.


Mick and the lady have had problems, but have overcome them,

Terry, married now and with his wife have two amazing children,

It is possible to love someone he said, and that love does not die,

Sometimes maybe it’s just not meant to be, and god only knows why.

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